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Speedhealer V4 on WR250R

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Just a quick note for those considering the Speedhealer V4.  I have a 2016 WR250R.  I put a full FMF system with the ultimate airbox mod.  

Stock my speedometer was off about 5mph.  I changed gearing from 13/43 to 13/47 which threw the speedometer off by 12MPH.  So I decided on the Speedhealer v4 for its ease of programming.


Install was quick and easy.  The conversion table in the app was off by 5mph, but subsequent fiddling got it spot on by the GPS.


Only issue is now the odometer is off by 6%.  I always new motorcycle manufacturers built in an error in the speedo, and figured the odometer would be off by that much as well (2008 BMW GSA).  But evidently not with Yamaha.  Speedo is off but the odometer is on.  Go figure!


I have a dual-sport ride coming up that I will be using a roll chart.  So guess I will have to reset it for that


Just letting you know my experience so far.



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