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Help PW80 power and wiring?

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I have browsed a few similar threads but not really found what I'm looking for. I want to make the bike street legal (in oklahoma, shouldn't be too hard) and I know I will need lights and turn signals. I'm trying to stick on a budget, so I'm trying to be creative. The bike will very rarely be ridden at night so I'll use whatever looks cool and turns on to pass inspection for the headlight, but I would like the tail light to be as bright as possible for safety reasons. I'm thinking some sort of 12v battery would be the best option for power?


The only idea I have come up with thus far is mounting a small 12v battery and charging it with a battery tender over night. The bike will only be used to ride a few blocks to class and back and around town, so none of my trips should be long enough to kill a battery of that size running leds. 


Has anyone gone a similar route, or have advice or suggestions for a better solution?

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