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Timing issue

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Hi all i have got a wpb 140 and have come across a problem.

When i baught the bike i noticed there was white smoke coming out of the crankcase breather and eventually it got worse and worse until the bike was puffing like a steam train and died out

I got told it could be piston rings so i am semi confident with bikes never really worked on a 4 stroke mainly 2 strokes but i dug deep into finding the problem

First i took off the fly wheel cover and lined the T mark to the 12 o clock notch and checked the cam sprocket was inline with the 9 o clock notch and it was so i removed the cam sprocket and took the head off (i did not touch the cam positioning) i noticed straight away that the head gasket has gone so i looked around in my garage and found one it had a slight rip on what i think is a oil path so i used some gasket maker and semi fixed it

I then reversed the process of taking it apart and set the timing to how it was making sure the T was at 12 o clock and the cam sprocket at 9

Now the bike runs but backfires and wont idle gets hot quick and is running really poor is the head gasket to blame or my timing there is no tapping no nocks just pops and bangs it still runs with loads of power just no idle and back fires bad20170914_130129.jpg.4a2cb40423ead493e4c03490efce79d1.jpg

Thanks for any help


Head Gasket i found


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