Does Chain Perfect Performance???

My buddy and I both have 02 426's. He has been off a bike for 20 years, and it has been 12 for me. He recently got an O'ring chain and when we were going riding this past weekend, we had the bikes side by side in the truck and was noticing how rigid the O'ring chain. And he commented on it again when we were washing the bikes. I could use a spray washer and spin the back wheel, while he could not w/ the rigid O'ring chain. He asked me a question that I didn't know the answer to and maybe somebody out there does. We are wondering if the rigidness of an O'ring chain will affect the performance of the bike at low end.



Yes. A normal roller chain will spin freely but the o rings each add a bit of friction. People used to riding with a non O-ring chain say it's like riding with the brakes on. The O-rings keep out alot of grit and grime and keep in the lubricating oil so your chain lasts much longer. If you race alot or don't mind spending 80+ bucks on chain every year, go with a non O-ring chain. If you play ride and don't have cash to put out on new chain, a good O-ring is the way to go. I use an omega O-ring chain and am very happy with it.

i would never use o-ring on my bike for trail riding and its not because of loss of hp.the thing that bothers me about using o-ring chain is when i get in situation where i have to push bike.its hard enough to push one of these 250lb bikes with a standard chain.especially when your crash puts you 10 or 15ft below the trail and the only way out is pushing bike uphill thru heavy brush and dead logs.a bike with o-ring chain will take double the amount of energy it takes to get bike back on trail.

I have an O-ring on my 01 and love it. haven't really noticed the "brakes on" feeling though. As for having to push it, I find it's easier not to fall off!!!

IMHO the o-ring (x-ring) is the way to go unless you get free chains via a sponsorship or something (especially on these 4-strokes).

As far as drag goes, once the chain comes up to "operating temp" i.e. riding, the "drag" reduces dramatically. Also, if you keep the chain properly cleaned and lubed it will reduce any undue drag.

Maybe on a 125 someone could notice some kind of measurable drag with the o-ring but on one of these 426's I'd say it was more psychological than actual.

Just my .02

Originally posted by RichB:

IMHO the o-ring (x-ring) is the way to go unless you get free chains via a sponsorship or something (especially on these 4-strokes).

Just my .02

"These 4 strokes" still only put out less than 50hp. The same o-ring(s)(520) people are putting on their 426/450 etc, I use on a 130hp(at the ground) road racer, and others use on their 160+hp bikes.

I used to have a 50hp MZ racer and would get a full season out of a standard chain. Keep in mind that it had to put up with launching on asphalt (no wheel spin to relieve tension ). Needless to say, I think that unless you have a serious problem with mud,crud etc.clogging up your standard chain, an o-ring is overkill-bigtime.

richb, i have a you carry a chain scrubber,chain lube and a gardenhose in your fanny pak when your riding?just in case you get in situation where you have to push bike over some obsticle you can clean and lube chain on the spot

I went from regular chain to a DID ERV2 xring chain and I'm extremely happy. I have never had any "brakes on" feeling at all, and I don't notice any loss of power. I do notice that I don't have to stop in the middle of the day and adjust the chain any more! One additional thing that I noticed was that after about 30 min of riding with the old chain it would get hot to the touch, while the xring barely gets warm. This to me means less friction and less power loss.

I have/had a o ring chain on my CR500 that I used at Glamis exclusively. I changed the gearing and needed a longer chain, so I bought a standard chain, a DID, I forget the pn. but it was the super heavy duty one for open bikes. I got 5 rides on it. The o ring chain I still have and have 9 YEARS on is a Sidewinder (read quadruple expensive) but, the thing has taken more abuse than you can imagine and hasnt even been adjusted in 3 years. Its plain scary reliablity. Too bad they are, the sidewinder stuff, wildy too expensive.

ive heard a lot of good things about x-ring chains,but havent tried them myself.i was always told you should replace chain whenever you replace sprockets a used chain will wear out aluminum sprockets i could understand spending the $ on x-ring if you were going to be using it with stainless or titanium sprockets.since life span of aluminum sprockets is much shorter i think extra cost for x-ring chain would be a waste.

I also use my bike mostly at Glamis which is why I run an O-ring. There is nothing like dune sand to tear up a new chain. Perhaps it's my chain (Tsubaki Omega) but even at operating temp, there is still noticable drag. That drag doesn't really bother me because the sand puts on way more drag than the chain ever could but it is noticable. I replace my chain about once a year when I start seeing kinks (Can't be stranded in the dunes with a broken chain) but the chain is still in good condition. I don't lube it like I should or it might last longer. O-ring chains are better in the long run, non O-ring chains give better performance up front. Just my two cents.

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