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Kx 125 power valve questuons

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Alright guys long time kawasaki owner first time dirt bike owner. So I finally bought a house with enough property to justify buying a dirt bike. Found a deal on a 96 KX125 and scooped it up. Bike was disassembled as he said it needed a top end. I'm a mechanic by trade so that's no big deal. My problem is with the power valve. Upon inspection I'm missing one of the collars. I have searched high and low and called every dealership within a 50-mile radius and even had them check their computers for parts on shelves with no luck. Looking online the part number is only good for the 96 and 97 year but it appears that they all had almost identical power valves set ups from about 92 and up. So this is a shout-out in the hopes that someone might have some parts for a 96 I can buy off them since I can't find even used parts for a 96 online. Or someone can enlighten me as to whether or not the collars are interchangeable to the earlier years. Part # im looking for is 92143-1798, its the half circle collar. I'm hoping someone can help me out or at least point me in the direction as to where I can find this part any help is appreciated. Thanks guys

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