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04 rmz250 backfiring but won't start

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Hello, I have an 04 rmz-250 and I'm wondering if this will make it not start

The intake clearances are way out of spec and the symptoms were occasional wanting to start but backfires and gives 2 strokes every now and then. It has fuel air spark and good compression I just got The bike tore it down and rebuilt it the guy said it had a brand new piston and crank so I checked that out and he was right. He also said he did the oil pump and I didnt get to see that. I didnt touch the bottom end. Let me know what you think. I just need assurance that this could be the problem. He said the valves needed adjusting so idk I guess he was right but I'm new to 4ts so its a diff ball game to me. Here is my memo I made of the calculations :p


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