Cbr500 rims on my xr600r

Hi all, long time stalker first time poster.

Had my xr600r a few years now brought it with everything done lucky. 

Anyway it has sat in the shed for 3 or so years regoed and ready to 

Roll just to lazy to get my Lience. Now have it and I'm riding it to work 

Everyday saving ks on the car doing about 200 250 km a week, 

Loving the bike hasn't missed a beat but doing 80% of that 

Highway I want to set up for 100% road. 

I have picked up a set of cbr600 rims done some maching on them

Got them to start fitting and taking shape but gave up on the idea

Now I have my Lience it's back on. 


Has anyone on here done it? how much work is realy involved? Is the

Juice worth the squeeze?? Ect ect. Send in your pics cbr rims or not

show me your rigs!!  I will have plenty more questions to ask you all that have





Been done many times, measure twice, cut once.


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