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2010 Ktm exc 400 oil missing...

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Hello everyone,

i read some post on this but I have another question...

i made an oil replace service on my 10' 400 exc. from the engine I Got black oil guessing less then 0.6L. (I used to add 30-60ml every 4-5 rides).

from the transmission I got more then 0.9L and it was clearer than the engine.

on the service before my mechanic suggested that oil is transferred to the trans side. Offered to solve this without taking apart the engaine,and replace some oil seal or something like that from the "other" side...

on other post i saw the treatment for this is to change the  oil pump and gear staff.

so, my q is which way would you go?

1. Go back to the mechanic and hope for good..sometime his solution is fishy😀

2. Do the oil pump replacement parts ( on the net i don't see the difference in the parts number).

3. Open the cylinder to see the piston/rings condition... maybe it's just eats oil....

thanks a head.

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