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Side Stand Freeride 350 Broke - Broke frame tip - Help!

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Yesterday I had my bike sitting on my lawn and the sidestand dug into a soft spot and the bike fell. The aluminum sidestand was tweaked and cracked around the bolt, so that support that holds the stand (frame boss as per pic) is gone.. Seems to have no easy solution. Anyone with a similar problem?

I tried the sites of the usual guys (Trailtech, promotobilled) but couldn't fine anyone that fixes this on a Freeride 350 2015\

HELP Please!


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Same thing happened to me. Turns out the dealer put a 25mm bolt that just went in to the frame boss but not the frame.

The frame boss can't support the weight or stress.

I looked up the part and it's supposed to be a 35mm bolt. That is long enough to actually go through to the frame.

They are replacing the left connection bracket.


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