Huge A** Calves and Boots to fit

Anybody know what the best pair of boots are for a guy with huge Calves . I have almost a 20" calf and need good protection . I'll pay Top Dollar for the best If they fit . I just purchased the Alpinestar Vectors and they will work but they Dont feel Like a Motorcross Boot ( they feel Bulky ). I Dont want to Wear them on the track until I know that I have the right boot. Last year I wore the Thor T-20 , They fit but you get what you pay for ( $116 ) and very little protection . Please Help !

i have big calves and wide feet.after years of suffering and searching for a pair of boots that actually fit without causing me pain.about 4 months ago i finally found a comfortable boot. FOX "forma comp".you should check them out.they arent made for guys with small feet and chicken legs like alpinestar boots.

wow, i never thought ANYONE would have as big of calves as me...i have 19 and 1/2" calves and the boot of choice for me was the alpinestar tech 8 with the extended straps that alpinestars will give you if a dealer gets them for you. they are the worst boot in the world for the first few rides, but after they get broken in and you can feel.....they are THE BEST!

my next boot is probably going to be the it easy or difficult to get the top strap strapped? :)

there is no doubt alpinestar tech8's are best quality mxboot on the market.but i dont care how good the quality of boot if it doesnt fit properly its not worth sacrificing safety and comfort.ive owned a pair of tech 8's and extension will help with fitting around calves but tech 8's still have very narrow ankle area that might cause rvanliere some bet is to go around and try on as many different kind of boots as you forma comp's are very well made and have the best strap locking system on market.the one complaint i have with them is the thread on sole isnt aggressive enough.tread feels good on pegs when your riding,but they dont get very good traction when you have to walk on slippery surface.

I have AlpineStar Tech 6's, and find them comfy, but them I only have 18 1/2 " calves...

I hear the Sidi boots have a replaceable or modular calf fitting system. I am sure they are good quality, but cannot speak from personal experience.

Just another lead to check out in your search...

Good luck,


I talked to MotoNation today and The salesman told me that he wouldnt send me the Sidi boots that they have right now ( they would not fit my 20" calves ) he did not want me to get a bad Impression on his boots . He also told me a bout a new boot coming out that is called the vector . It will be ready to ship in about a week and a half . It is made to go to 22" in the calf . Check out the picture of the top of this boot . I think this boot may solve my problem.

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vector or vortex

I feel like an Idiot , I meant to say Vortex,

if those Sidi's are MEANT to goto 22 inches like you say, those could be my next boots then. my tech 8's certainly aren't meant to fit my calves that's for sure, the velcro only goes on about 1/4 to 1/2" and the top calf strap (extended) is on the last clicker :)

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