Need North Dakota Riders

Hi everybody! I need someone to explore some of these really cool badlands areas with me so I'm not alone (for fun and safety reasons) if you already know some great riding trails let me know! I'd like to meet up with people and explore the back country (I'm not into MX track riding) I prefer trail exploring. I'm from Bismarck and go to "The Desert" (Kimball Bottoms) every weekend but need some new territory to ride! I've found a few cool places on the Yellowstone/Missouri River and on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation and Killdeer/Dunn Center but I'm getting tired of going alone as I never really push myself just to make sure I don't end up hurt or stranded while I'm alone. I'll meet up with people wherever to ride with someone even if it's like East Montana, Northern South Dakota, Western Minnesota, and Southern Manitoba Canada. I moved here from Florida back in '09 and still have like no friends lol and I know 0 people with a dirt bike or quad... I have a 2013 RM-Z450 with some goodies and just want to ride with some cool people in some cool areas... thanks y'all

Come to west ky and I'll show you how to ride

Come to west ky and I'll show you how to ride

Don't know if that was a sexual innuendo joke or not haha.. but Kentucky is a little out of my range, maybe one day as I've been thru there and TN and the Carolinas and def looks like some good riding. But I'm looking for more local rides. Thanks

Haha its serious however you take it lol. But I get you, we are pretty for apart

Haha its serious however you take it lol. But I get you, we are pretty for apart

Yea about 1000 miles

Bump....It's that perfect fall weather to ride. I got some cool maps if anyone wants to explore the badlands of North Dakota with me IMG_4053.thumb.jpg.36c6d692d62d4650397297bace0d57b8.jpg


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      Just wondering how the conditions are down that way.. Is there still snow and ice in the woods and on the trail?  In the past years it seems this is the first trail to clear off, so I usually start there first and work north later in the spring.
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