Hello everyone!

Well its time to sighn up for some new classes at high school. They make it seem like you got to already got to know your job when your older and everything. What are some of the careers you have and how much do you make? I just dont know what I want to be when I get older but I would like to make at least $65,000 a year after about 10 years on the job. I dont want to sit at a desk all day and I will probably go to college. I like to be around kids(any age), do athletic stuff. Was thinking about about a P.E. or parole officer but they dont get paid enough. Maybe a physcial therpist but it sound hard to get into. Anybody got any ideas? Whats your job because I dont know of a lot of jobs and how much do you get paid. Thank you everyone for reading!

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Check out the Carpenters union in your area, they have a great apprenticeship program good pay plus medical and pension. 



This should probably be in Town Square, but anyway...

In the US...

Construction is a good field, but you need to bank when times are good because it can be a bit cyclical.

I'm a carpenter, self employed, no union, ever. No pension or medical either. In the UK you are good to go on medical, but may have to plan for pension?

I bill at $60 an hour, do better on bids.

I retired today at 59, I could have retired at 54 or perhaps earlier but I really like what I do (did).

Good luck! :thumbsup:



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