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Rm125 piston differences

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So I picked a 90 125 with the topend off and it has three pistons. They all measure out to be about the same. One being an 07-09 vertex. One being 89-99 wiseco. And one being a double ring piston, not sure on the year. But the wrist pins are the same diameter, Height are close but that is comparing a flat top to two domes, wrist pin location is the same only difference is the number of holes in the skirt 2 on the older one and vertex one and three on the wiseco and the holes near the wrist pin. So since they are basically the same could I swap years on piston to cylinder/engines. So use say an 88 piston in a 90 engine. 00 piston in a 90 engine ect. I'm trying to do this as cheaply as possible that's why I'm asking and I can find NOS pistons for $30-40 instead of $80-100. So can I use 88 and older pistons in my 90 engine and if I can't why not. Thanks

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