11 assualt oil pump adjustment

what do we know about 2011 assualt oil pump adjustment? i see on youtube these pumps are different on 2012 sleds and newer , then i see the older ones are cable operated from the throttle cable. 

anyone know anything about increasing flow from an 11 assualt oil pump ?

If it's not a cable the rod should be adjustable longer shorter,  you could also leave it and run 100:1 in you fuel while you track oil use.  write down how much fuel you use to top off and how much oil to top off for a few rides. An average of 50:1 is fine , more when hillclimbing all day, less when trail riding with the girls.

thanks highmarker

i will always run oil in my fuel tank at 100/1 ,  it will not help the bottom end at all. only getting the auto oil pump to feed more oil to the bottom end can help it out as its referd to as a dry bottom end - meaning the mixed fuel and oil from the injectors only goes through the top end.- maybe im wrong but i did read it on the net someplace ?

the connecting rod from the throttle bodies to the arm of the pump seems to be non adjustable but i need to check things out a little more before forcing anything to much.

i just got the cylinder block back from fast being redone and got new reeds into the block and i will check out the throttle body end of things to see if i can advance the oil pump arm from that side of the lincage. now that i am back home and got the cylinder block back and winter is coming on i need to get this project going. i always thought about drilling small holes in the piston skirts to line up between the edge of the exhaust ports an the transfer port window might lube up the exhaust side of the skirt a bit and extend piston and cylinder life. i just seem to be reluctant to give it a try on a customers sledd

the pump output adjustment is located in the throttle shaft assemblys inbetween the throttle bodies

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