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New Rider, New Bike

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Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster. 

Basically need some input from you guys.

Trying to decide between a YZ450FX or a YZ250FX. I'm 37, 230 lbs, 6', fairly muscular. Could drop maybe 15 pounds but not more without dropping muscle mass. I'm in the gym 4 times a week.

Rode a 125 2t for a year in my teens and tried several road bikes in my twenties but nothing long term. Downhill mountain biked my whole life.

Wife OK'd a bike for Christmas so I'm facing a dilemma. Do I get the 450 and grow into it or the 250? Getting both would not be looked upon kindly lol. 

Looking to ride a variety of stuff (Vancouver, Canada), gravel roads, back-country exploring, some trail possibly track as I get better. Lots of steep terrain but nothing crazy.

My two kids just started on their Honda 50's so most of my toy money will be going towards their gear etc as they grow. Basically I'm looking at getting a single bike and keeping it. 

Thanks for your input


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I'd get the WR450 before the FX for what you are describing.  At least to me the 450FX is more for competition, but the WR is definitely no slouch.  Never tried the 250FX, but heard a lot of good things about it.

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I have a '12 WR450F, used to have an '09 WR450F ride with guys who have the YZ250FX so I know these bikes pretty well.

I think its all about how fast you want to go and how tight of trails you get on. I'll explain.

The 450 is a HEAVY bike. When you fast, the bike handles excellent. But on the really tight single in the woods, you will be WORN OUT compared to riding the 250. And that is why I have a KTM 200XCW for the woods. I weigh 230 and the 200 smoker has plenty of power for the woods. The pro's can handle the extra weight because they have superior riding technique and can make use of the extra power. But the weekend rider won't get into ANY of the 450 power, unless you are getting into roads and straight aways.

As for the WR vs the YZ, that is easy. Do you need lights? then get the WR. The WR suspension is much software which is good for slower riders. 

Don't confuse the WR250F with the WR250FX. The 250F is a high milage bike with much less power and performance. But street legal.

Just my .02 and that is all its worth.


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