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MVUM question/ Old Idaho city trail

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*** somehow this post ended up in the Midwest region, it is supposed to be in the northwest. I can not figure out how to move it or delete it***


This Saturday me and my dad were riding in Idaho city. We took off up trail 291, across the road from rabbit creek trailhead 167. We rode the trail all the way up and popped onto a very old road. We took that up a ways and stopped at a small clearing. We noticed a trail going off to the left with no trail marker. I got out my MVUM map and couldn't find it on the map. We decided to check the trail out. It was very old but we went through several logs that had been cut out in the past. It finally started to get very dense and ran into a down tree. I got off with my chainsaw, cut the first tree, then started clearing out the brush. It opened back up so we got back on the bikes and continued up the trail. When we got to the top of the hill it got VERY dense and we decided to turn around and come back another time, with more tools, when we were prepared to tackle the task.

     We went back down to the old road. Took it a couple of miles down and came across another trailhead that ended up dumping us out onto road 321A. Took that down to 327, up 310, and rode the 600 trails for the rest of the day.

     My question is, if the trail wasn't on the MVUM was the trail closed? I have no problem working an entire day (or however long it takes) opening up an old trail, so it doesn't 'return to nature'. I just don't want to be breaking the law on an illegal trail. It was very clear that it was a trail that had been used in the past because it had been cleared several times. Just looks like nobody had cleared it for several years. 

     I have heard that some of the trails are on state land and are not shown on the map? But it was inbetween other trails that are shown so that wouldn't make much sense. I'm a responsible rider and want to keep the trails open, so I don't want to be caught somewhere I shouldn't be. 


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