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2007 TTR 125 front brake pads

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2007 ttr125 LEW

I could not find much online or YouTube pertinent to this.  This is not that difficult, but you must take your time.  I thought i would add what i did and how i got them back in.  I like everyone else, just tore the whole thing apart thinking i would just throw it back together.  


1 make sure you push the piston back with the old pad so that you do not damage it.  slowly! water-pump pliers work the best

2. make sure the clips are in the correct location and installed in the right direction, same with pads( look at the manual, not a very good pic but crucial to putting the clips and pads in)  

3 us the clip with spring load like you would put a battery in a flashlight, then once in on both sides, mount onto disk on to the wheel and mount bolts.  this is a little time consuming as they keep falling out, but you will get it.

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