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Stronger rotor magnets to get more power from stator ?

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Hi all , 

my 2008 kxf450 has got an aftermarket lighting coil but it's just not making enough power 

I sent it off to west country windings who electrex and pro racing both recommended as they are out off stock on new stators (I wanted to try a new one ) 

they tested my stator and said on their test bench it made great power and doesn't need any action that side off things 

at idle I'm not getting any output and at 4K rpm very little I can run my indicators and tail light (led) but not the headlight , once my battery dies the stator can't keep it charged  as it can just about run the indicator and tail 

west country windings said on the bench my stator made enough power to charge my battery and run lights no issue so I must have a problem bike side and my loom and wiring is 100% spot on 

I've been reading and are there any options out there for a flywheel/rotor with stronger magnets to get some more charge from my stator ? 

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But they are stating the stator isn't the problem... So why wouldn't you look at your reg/rec, wiring, battery, etc. first? Also, what is your stator rated for and what kinda draw are you trying to pull from it? 

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Stator rating unknown. 

the rotor on the 450 is very small , when they tested the stator they told me that on their test it tested fine , but they told me that its hard to advise me because they don't know the strength off my flywheel which having a stronger flywheel can increase the charge by 15%

to do this I'm unsure if it's just a case off a heavier flywheel or if it's a special part with More magnets guess I would need to check with them 


loom was made by local auto electrical workshop and installed by them along with all relevant parts.

when tested it gives out 11-12v and 1amp at mid-max rpm direct off the stator which if they tell me the strator bench tested fine this draws me to my flywheel  


I run run the folllowing 

LED stop tail, indicators , 35/35w headlight , vapor dash 

I have a small battery currently but have ordered a larger capacity battery


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