cool ID tag (LARGE IMAGE)

I ran a 5k foot race this weekend and one of the flyers that was handed out had some order forms for ID tags. The one that looks good to me is a wrist type. If you're like me and you often go to the track alone then this looks like a good idea (I currently have my personal info taped to the top of my helmet). I have not ordered from these people yet but I think that I will as soon as I can get my act together to try it out. If someone beats me to it then please let us know how it turns out. Here is a scan of the flyer:



Shame they don't do a titanium or Carbon Fibre one... think weight saving where possible...

One of the reasons I don't ride as much as I would like to - all my friends work during the week... and where I ride is usually out of mobile phone range to call for help...

My number one rule... never ride alone on deserted trails...


Sirthumpalot, I run, bike, canoe, do triathlons, etc., I use an ID like that, was thinking that possibly another idea would be to punch a hole in an old drivers lisc. and put that on the chain, would be cheaper and have alot of info. Mike

Yeah, here in Arizona you can get a copy of your Drivers License for like $5. You can even do it over the Internet. Great Idea.


> You can even do it over the Internet.

Wow, that's scary! Talk about a dream come true for the identity theft criminal.

In any event, the one thing missing from a drivers license (at least here in FL) is a list of emergency phone numbers.

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