86xr600r blown engine????

so today I was going to go out for a ride, almost got to my buddies house, when the bike died, thought it was maybe out of gas, so i pulled in the clutch and went on reserve. I was still rolling so i popped it up into 3rd to try to roll start it, but no luck. stopped and pulled of to the side to try and kick it. the engine was siezed. this had happened before once and it ran fine after i let it cool down. so i let it sit and got a cup of coffee. i came back out to start her up, but i couldnt find tdc. the kick start would turn and turn but no hard point. it was harder to kick through the cycles and it has a weird squeek sound from the cylinder. any ideas on what happened or what the problem is??? it was running just fine 2 weeks ago i took it out on a 6 hr ride no overheating nothing. i has just been out of service because i cracked the tank in a biff about 3 rides ago. 

sounds like it ran dry of oil....any in it???????



it was full of oil. the oil was black as shit though. and i just did a change on it about 2 months ago


oil turns black quick in these bikes and faster if non syn oil is used,,,doesn`t always mean much...



Better start with a compression check, sounds like a moot point but best be sure, then verify the cam chain isn't broken........etc etc. Of course no compression means a tear down regardless.

Keep us in the loop so we can support...



Open it and look or were all just guessing.

That screech would be the rings.

Either way, with that year, Id expect to get a new piston and new rings. If cylinder is scratched, you might be able to get by with a hone, but you'll probably have to bore and go up in piston size.

Your head is toast. Cam sized in the journals. Good luck on finding a useable replacement.
The bike is a 1986, move up to something in the 2000s.

I've got an 87 engine for sale in the Classifieds section. Price is OBO.


When you tear it down let us know what broke .

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