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Did i get wrong piston rings in new piston kit??

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So i just rebuilt this motor, 2004 ktm 450sx. Stock technically is 94.45mm?? I think thats the a piston, rebuilt it with a b piston which is 94.95mm, had the cylinder honed as well, cylinder to wall clearance was good, cant remember spec, like .010mm. However when i was putting everything back together, one of my piston rings seemed WAY tight! Like ring end gap was less then .003mm! I opened up the ring gap but just setting the piston ring in there it seemed sooo tight and wouldnt slide up and down very easily. It was just the upper ring, everything else was ok. Well i opted to use it. Got engine all put back together and at first it was soooo hard to kick over, i had to use all my body weight, electric start wouldnt turn it over either (its been converted). Adjusted the valves again and things got easier, the elctric start would turn it, but it was slow. I never got it to start, the most it would do would hiss out the exhaust or backfire out the intake. Figured something was wrong so i tore back down and in my opinion it looks like it was true, looks like my piston ring was too big and dug into my cylinder everywhere. Everyone of those lines i can easily catch my fingernail in.. The cylinder looked brand new when i put it in. The engine has probably had less then 50 revolutions as its only been kicked a handful of times and the elctric starter used.. Idk what else could have caused this20170918_191034.jpg20170918_191047.jpg20170918_191055.jpg20170918_191103.jpg20170918_191110.jpg

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