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What kills this bike I imagine for so many.


Alta you must read this if you use TT as a source of information so listen up.


I like so many I imagine can get away on a trail in just a few miles from home and ride after work for the length of a battery charge.

This is the ideal bike and the stealth nature is the brass ring for us but you neglect to make this a driveway to trail bike with a OHV Ven

only.  Even the motard is unplated, I am sure unplated motards account for 20 of the 3 million OHV registrations in this state alone.

True the bike will never replace the DS with it's present range but if it came plated with a easily removed plug in on the bars and rear fender and came with a plate

and could easily be ridden from the front door the bike would make it on this selection process more often.



Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.28.59 AM.png

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That it costs nearly twice what a gas powered bike costs doesn't help either.

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