suspension settings?

i have a 2001 and as you guys know i've been getting all kinds of pointers on better riding skills. Alot of advice was setting up the suspension for my weight. Was thinking of moving the front forks up 10mm in the triple clamp like i was advised and then see how it goes, i believe in one adjust at a time to see what it changes.

It already has a pro circuit rear suspension on it and is set up for a 220lb guy(the guy i bought it from), i weigh 195. Should i get it adjusted by someone that knows what he is doing and how much does it cost? or should i tinker with it myself? if so, which adjustments do i start with first? and how much? :)

How much experiance do you have setting up suspension ?

1 = Zero

2 = Moderate but screwed things up

3 = Good but have problems

4 = Excellant (Why ask us :) )

If you are not comfortable setting it up, I suggest you connect with one of the local pro;s or wanna-b's and just ask questions

Here are some good articles that you can get familure with on the diff settings.

Suspension Tech MX mag article


How to dial in your shock

I think that the weight diff is or should not be an issue, You should make sure your SAG is set to 100 mm The articles should explain how, then set your damp, compression and rebound to default and work from there.


Only make one adjustment on one end at a time.

See how that feels then try the other end soft, hard, and so on.

Always take nots on your clicks and write them down, do not try to over tighten the adjusters be very gentle........ :D

Personally I like setting mine up a bit stiff, but thats prefreance

I also set the bike to evenly compress when I sit in the center of the bike. Meaning when I sit center and place all my weight into the bike, I like the forks and the shock to sink about the same amount. Thats just me and habit I guess....

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thanks for the advice, the answer is zero on setting up suspension, so i'll leave it to someone that knows how.

now time to change them brakes

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