kill switch how does it work please read

first thanks to you thumpers in the yz forum for always having the answer for a 2smoker

now for the good stuff

I am installing a bilge pump on a jetski and need a switch. the yz switch is the best looking one of the 5 brands. if i have 12 volts on one end of the switch and push the button does this connect the circuit(ie 12 volts goes to other end) or will this disconnect the circuit?

thanks fellas :):D

It should complete the circuit. Get a volt/ohm meter and see if it's normally open, then push button and it should go closed.

I put on automatic bilge pumps on mine 2 years ago and never had a problem. :)

yes thats what i was thinking was it should complete the circuit. i was going to hold the switch down to activate the pump. thanks

Yes if you hooked the hot up to always be connected then ground through the kill switch it would start the pump when the kill switch was pressed. Is this an auxillary pump or the only pump? I would run the automatic switches that trigger when they sense water if it is your only pump.

Take it from someone who grew up boating and working on boats, go to the marine store and buy a switch designed to be in the water. Otherwise you might be looking at a very short life for the switch; especially if you are in salt water.

how many times have you pressured washed your bike and the kill switch worked fine? the yamaha unit is sealed right?

so hook the power red wire up to the bilge pump and then hook the ground to the kill and back to the pump, correct? :):D

You should be using a 'ski-specific part -- there are many options, and some which integrate with the OE OFF/START switch housing for a sano look. Don't bother with one of them Water Witch deals though -- they fail often and operate erratically. A corroded switch can cause the bilge pump to burn out, and the battery to discharge.

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