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54mm x 40mm usd fork id?

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I have a 85 xr350r rhat has some mods before I bought it.

Need to I d the front so I can replace seals and brake pads and lever.

Capital H on the top of lower tree.

54 od x 40mm tube ,brake on left,

Had 2stroke goo all over lower front fender. 

Must be a Cr?

Brake lever is unusual, the mount bolt goes through a removable sleeve that goes through the lever

First then bolt goes through it. 

Help? Thanks




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What Id do, is take it apart and measure both seals with vernier calipers. Then I would go to my Honda for guidance. Either, with luck, its a Honda part we could replace then and there. Or it might steer us towards another make. 

Knowing the make of SUSPENSION that makes it (ie. Showa, etc.) Is who you hit up with those measurements and get their product for it. 

Until then, pull dust seal down, rub some plastic film while spraying contact cleaner and squigiing the plastic while spraying in the oil seal.

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Only rode it bout 5 min before teardown, it sure do ride Good!

I found the pads by matching the pics on ebay, then saw what bikes they fit,

87 through 91,250cc and up, then found a lever by pics on ebay.

Will wait on seals till later,got a ride it Now!

Got bearings by measurement. 

Thanks, can't wait to ride, this is my first experience with a big 4stroke,[ have a xr200 for kids and beginers]

I'm an rmx [89 model]rider,rode 2stroke endurOs all my life. Im59 now and 

Think I'll like thumping along at a slower Speed!










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That 350 has more guts than you may think

one it wasn't designed for MX but it sure is a good trail and mountain bike. Lots of Torq!! I have 1! Would like to know how she preforms with the Husky forks? Tight woods and steep rocky trails will tell. Let us know.

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