YZ Candy

Here she is about 99 percent done. I am sorry if this picture is to big I made it smaller but sometime when I check back it is bigger again. I don't know why. :) [image]c3924585.jpg[/image]

Nice graphics. Is the frame powder coated?

You need some red TAG grips on there.

Joe :)

I like it! :):D :D

sweeeet :) i'm thinking about powder coating mine gold

that's the best lookin bike i have seen in a long time! :):D

Is there silver plastic available? I know they used to make it.


Thanks for the positve feedback. I posted this picture as an update to a post a while back. The frame was painted with House of Kolors Kandy red mid coat over silver.

I used to have silver plastic before I tore this bike down over the winter. I didn't really like the silver.

Nice! Looks like Captain America could do some damage on that thing! :)

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