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1982 KZ750 shaft

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I have purchased a KZ750 for 200 dollars. All four pistons were seized. I have freed 3 of them and the last if giving me trouble.
I have the carburetors completely cleaned but all four slides are seized. I have used vinegar, liquid wrench, paint thinner, boiling them in lemon water, carb cleaner and wd40. Nothing has worked. I have done the same for the piston too. I really need help with this cuz I’m not sure what to do next. I hope to make the bike look like a cafe racer or brat.
Any help would be appreciated.

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I had an 80 750 LTD back in the day.  While I cannot help you with the piston, I would be very careful with the carbs - I believe the 750 came with 2 carbs through its run - a Keihin CV34 and I wanna say a mikuni BS34 (mechanical slide I believe).  If you have the diaphram CV34's, be SUPER careful with them - The diaphgrams were like unicorns, even junk yards were getting $80 a piece for them.   As for unsticking them, it seems odd they'd be THAT varnished up that everything you didn't won't move them.  Also be careful with boiling it acids like lemon juice and vinegar - I destroyed a different set once by doing that, it etched the protective coating off the bodies and likely will attack your 30 year old o-rings.  I'd just keep pouring in the carb cleaner and letting them soak.  Spray from both sides of the carb and from the top if you can as well.  I'd use my hands to try and pry them loose, becuase I'd worry any tool might damage something.

Also - go to KZrider.com and join.  There are TONS and TONS of ppl there that will be willing to help ya.  Its an awesome community, and many of the ppl there grew up with these KZ's and have taken them apart and put them back together countless times.

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