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Why your need to let your husband build a MX track in the back yard!

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Hello, I run a rather small Mind of a woman...riding blog. I'm looking to see what kind of stuff you guys would want to read about? I've done a few articles...

Why you need to let your husband build a Mx track in the backyard


And why your husband needs a new bike.


But im wondering..why other types of stuff? There's not much interest in blog of bike maintenance from a women's point..that's boring right? 

Whats your opinion? Be nice. :] 

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I wouldn't say its boring at all. I would try networking more sites like you did here. I think it is a great idea to get women involved. Maybe networking women oriented sites would boost chatter. Believe me, if you give people a chance to talk,,they will. Linking or promoting local motorcycle events and your track. I have such a good time riding with new people. Their excitement is the best.

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