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Carb Slide Will Not Fit Back In Carb - Keihin FCR 37mm

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Bike: KX250f
Carb: Keihin FCR 37mm

So, I took my carb apart to clean and I think I did some damage with the carb cleaner..My slide plate seal was definitely damaged and it seems I may have did something to the slide itself. Hopefully someone in here has some advice.

I have a new seal but when installing it I noticed that I cant get the slide to fit back in the carb, even without the seal inserted. I can get it in if I take the slide plate off, but it's too tight with the slide plate on. Did I probably damage the plate? Is there something I can do to fix this outside of ordering new parts? I have heard of people lightly sanding things that were too tight in their carb and was wondering if maybe that would be a good enough route to try. These things are pricey, so if I can fix it somehow I would prefer to try before buying new parts. I don't even know if a new plate would fix the issue. Looks fine to the eye but I know small changes can make a big impact with the carb.


Thanks for any advice!



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