spoke tightening

how do u do it and how often?

do u use spoke torque wrench?

till now i used a regolar 6mm wrench and tightening the loose once till its not loose but no so strong...

maybe this wilL help you. __hr_rim+care.jpg?bcVO7z8Awch_aZS5

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just so everyone knows... Yamaha spokes torque to 2.2 footpounds. that's only about 26 inchpounds!

I use a spoke torque wrench, but it's preset to 48 inchpounds to work with my bulldog spokes & spline drive nipples. I got it from White Brothers. It's made by Fasst Co. Perhaps they could tell you if it can be set for 26 instead of 48. If you find out.. let us know.

Tap the wrench on them, and listen to the "ping" they give. If it's a low hollow ping, tighten it. If it has a high pitched clear sound, it should be ok. Tighten them in order, a little at a time. When done, spin the wheel, and see if you didn't pull it out of whack. Should still be straight, with no "hop".

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