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2011 DRZ400S starting issues

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Hi All, 

     I've read through all the past threads but can't seem to figure out what exactly is wrong with my DRZ.  In short, the bike has a new battery but will not start.  When I turn the ignition on, the headlight comes on and when I press the starter the headlight goes off and I hear a "click" from what I thought was the starter relay, but found online that it is a turn signal switch...  I have a good meter but not sure what to connect to in order to test that the starter is getting power.  

Full discloser, I've had a nightmare of a summer with this bike.  The battery was dead last spring so instead of putting it back on a charger I jumped it off my truck and tried to charge it by running the bike.  This was before I changed the oil.  There wasn't much gas in the tank which was curious because I had put it away nearly full.  I decided that I should run the bike to the gas station 2 miles away so I'd be able to run it long enough to get some juice in the battery.  It died at the gas station but I was able to bump start it down a hill but when I did that the CDI display was blank for the ride back to my garage.  The battery wasn't holding a charge so I went to the shop and found it had some dead cells so I bought a new one and oil and a filter.  I went home to change the oil and drained about a gallon of oil/gas out of the crank case.  Also quite a bit of gas out of the airbag.  Horrifying.  I changed the oil 5 times, pulled the carb out and cleaned it, and replaced the leaky petcock and installed an on/off valve inline.  The bike ran fine for several weeks and then I went away for a couple of weeks.  When I came back I encountered the problem above.  

I had already bypassed the clutch switch and the kickstand switch.  I noticed the black outer cover on the neutral switch wires was melted but the three wires look fine.  I would also like to know how to bypass this neutral switch but it seems everyone else has different color wires than I have,  I am looking at a Blue, Black and Pink wire.  

If anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction with tips on how to use my meter, I'd appreciate it.  

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Thanks.  I took the carb apart when it filled up with gas in the spring and cleaned the needle and checked the seals.  Hasn't been a problem since.  

I just took the spark plug out and it was dry.  I ran power from the battery directly to the starter and it cranked.  I also jumped the starter relay with a screw driver and it cranked.  It seems to me that it is a faulty relay?  


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