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Lost Valley Harescramble 9-17..... beat me up!

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Well as the title states... this one laid a whooping on me! hahah. Lost Valley is one of our local races right here close to home.... I did the one there back in July and it was fun as hell, but this one they changed the entire course around and it was completely different this time. Definitely tougher this time around, haha..... still a fun track though. My problem was I just couldn't ride worth a crap.... I don't know if I was just having an off day or what was wrong with me, but I just couldn't seem to get my head on straight and kept making stupid little mistakes that I don't usually make.  

Anyways.... we had our own little army of buddies out there... Everybody decided to do this one! Of course I'm not in the pic cuz I'm taking it, but from L to R you have my faithful green steed, then my best friend Scott on the KTM 150 (he has a KDX as well... 98 220!), Sean on the 87 XR-200 (and trying to lay one on Scott, lol), then my neighbor Jordan on a KTM 350, and my co-worker Alan on a KTM 250. Not pictured is my other buddy John on a KTM 200... who apparently was the only one of the group that wasn't a cheap ass and bought a membership so he could ride in the other classes, lol. He was up in Vet-C 35+, the rest of us back here in Unlimited 25+


I got a few pics of everybody here. Starts..... Scott and Alan (#69 on the inside) got out in front of all of us


Then Jordan, and myself right behind him


Yeeesss...... it was my goal to be in at least one pic with the cheetah dude  :banana::applause:


There were a few 2 strokes in the group, lol. Think he might have been running a lil rich though


There was definitely some rough stuff on this track! This was one of those spots. Steep, curved, off camber, rooty, and most times multiple bikes scattered along the way up, either stuck or crashed. I made it up every time, but it was definitely sketchy, and certainly wasn't pretty, hahah. I sure don't look like I know what I'm doing, but luckily the bike has always got my back and makes it a little easier. Lots of clutch work here and I look like an octopus, but we made it. And FWIW..... almost everybody looked the same coming up here. It tossed you around everywhere. I'm usually pretty good about keeping my feet on the pegs in the rough stuff, but just couldn't do it here




Of course Scott made it look easy, lol..... showoff, haha


Sean gettin' it on the old XR


When I say this was a rough spot.... it was a rough spot 



Now the video..... I'll go ahead and forewarn, it's pretty boring, lol. Only about half of it is actual riding, then a good bit getting my bike picked up and wrist cleaned and patched up by several awesome spectators that helped me out tremendously after the little hill climb incident (read below), then a little more riding after that. I'll give some cliff notes.... Everybody kinda bunched up shortly after the start and it went into a pretty narrow part of the trail so couldn't do much passing, and it was a single file thing for a good several minutes. But I did get a little pass in at 7:10.... kinda hesitated at first as it was in one of the rougher higher speed sections, but decided to just stand up and go for it, lol. Then shortly after at 8:18 Jordan went flying past me, and then Scott about 10 seconds later. 9:32 I do an epic faceplant into the of the biggest, wettest, goopiest mud puddles you'll ever find. Why I went into it..... I still have absolutely no idea. Like I said, I wasn't riding worth a crap, and it went downhill from there. After the mud puddle I skip a bunch cuz my camera was covered in mud until it dried out some and I could scrape it off (same for my goggles), and then goes to the really fun part.... one of the hill climbs that I didn't quite make it up. I made it up the first time, but the 2nd time I had a good clear shot at it and hit a rock or something and it bounced my front end up and over towards the bank on the left side. Killed my momentum and had to stop, started sliding backwards a little bit and lost my footing, and started to fall over to the right just as a young kid on a CRF was going to pass me on the right..... KABAM!! I don't know what hit what, it happened so fast.... but some part of his bike slammed my wrist. It was bleeding, went numb, and I could barely move it.... I was worried it might have been broke. But after a few minutes I was able to start moving it again. Still had to wait a good 15 minutes before I could move it well enough to get back on the bike, and in the meantime another spectator had some wipes and other stuff to get me cleaned up and something over my wounds to try and keep them clean. When I finally take back off again, Scott goes by right in front of me.... he had lapped be my that point. That happened on my 2nd lap.... I ended up finishing that lap and did a 3rd as well, and still finished the race. Pretty much last, but finished at leastThe makeshift bandage actually worked pretty good, and stayed in place



Bike was.... "a little" dirty



Scott ended up blowing all of us out of the water with his 3rd place finish. Which is pretty damn good for an open class (any skill level), and this only being his 3rd race. His lap times and average speed are up there with the solid B riders and even some of the slower A guys. He's a damn good rider! But he's also been riding since he was a little kid too.... I started at 32, lol. Then Jordan finished 8th, and Alan 9th. Sean and I..... well, we finished  :bonk: :rolleyes: :excuseme:


Had to take the pressure washer to the gear before throwing it in the washer.... everything was absolutely filthy after swimming in that mud puddle 


As for the wrist..... well..... it wasn't looking so hot after about a day or two :shocked: :blink:



I went to the ortho doc to get it checked out.... I didn't think anything was broken as everything still moved fine, but wanted to be sure. Don't want to end up doing any more damage to it


Everything ended up being perfectly fine..... nothing broken, fractured, or torn. He said it was just soft tissue swelling and bruising, no other damage. He said I got pretty lucky though! (I showed him the crash video). He did wrap it up in a compression wrap to help with the swelling (I've been icing it as well), and said it would prob make it feel a little better too. Swelling has since gone down a lot.... my hand is about back to normal size now. Arm is still purple but parts of it are starting to go back to normal too. It's feeling a lot better too


That's all for this one..... Despite getting a little beat up, I still had a great time out there with so many buddies. Hoping my wrist holds up and I can have a little better luck at the Bootlegger Enduro this weekend!  :thumbsup:

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