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Trying to find optional needles from 2000 Honda CR250

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Pretty much what the title says. I kinda stumbled upon some jetting I really like :ride: using the OEM A715/289 2000 CR250 needle. I'm actually using it on a different bike, and would like to lean out the off idle area just a bit more. I'm already using a 35 pilot so no need to suggest that. Lol So I'm looking for any or all of the needles listed below. These were optional needles and only used on the 99/00 CR250 I believe. So as you can imagine, they are disco'd from Honda. From what I could learn by consulting the Google that these are a triple taper needle. First number is the straight section diameter and the second number is possibly the straight section length or signifies a half clip postion. I only add that information as I can't seem to find a crossover to any other needle that might be similar although I would be open to the idea. Appreciate any help you can give. Prost! 








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