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OEM Air filters are bad.

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I know this thread will draw vicious criticism, but for the sake of helping get better engine durability I simply wish to point out flaws in Honda's design.


1. The small sealing lip separates from the plastic/rubber base. I know of no way to inspect the right side of the filter to ensure this ridiculous little lip hasn't folded over or separated once installed. Fingers can't reach this area for a "feel" test, and it's not viewable from the top even with the seat removed. Guess what. Plastic on plastic does a poor job of blocking dirty air.


My Twin Air filter (Early R model) has a much wider sealing base and it can't fold over during installation. It also has a lower overall profile for easier installation. Beware of Uni Filters as well for X models. They have the same small sealing lip which immediately comes unglued. At least if this happens with a Uni, there is no finicky rubber/plastic base and it will still seal the main foam body as the cage is tightened against it.


2. The rubber grommet for the securing screw quickly comes unglued. This allows more of that dirty air through.


My Twin Air has a much smaller screw hole and a tightly fitting grommet which is removable for better cleaning. It does not rely on glue for sealing.


3. OEM Honda filters come pre-oiled. If you like using biodegradable filter oil which is easy to clean with water in the kitchen sink (Rock Oil. ), you must first spend a great deal of time getting all this oil cleaned out of your new OEM air filter.


And while we're at it. 250X owners can make air filter changes easier by getting the early ('04/'05)R model installation screw. They're a little longer so the pointed tip more easily finds it's mating threads. Apx $5.


I think the poorly designed OEM filter's flaws are at least somewhat responsible for premature intake valve wear, and other engine wear issues.


There. I feel better now.









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I've never had any issues with OEM filters or Uni filters on my 08. I've ran them in my old 07 and my new to me 08 and the valves were fine in each bike, right in spec. 

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