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compression spec with auto release ?

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Have a KLX250s 09' and I want to check the motor's compression.


I've never did a compression test on a motorcycle before.

From reading online and seems like there is a mechanism for automatically releasing compression that will give inaccurate readings?

I was reading my repair manual and it says I have a KACR (Kawasaki automatic compression release).



But, can I test that the compression is within spec WITH the KACR?



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12 hours ago, Confederate said:

Since you have a manual, how does it say to test compression and what the proper spec is?

Woops! I just checked again and found it.

Idk, this morning I checked it by searching ctrl+f "compression" and couldn't find it. 



chapter 5 page 24



it does say"useable"  psi  should be @ 94 - 149 psi. 

so should I interpret "low compression" to be less than 94 or (94 - 100)


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