Anyone else using Race Tech as their suspension company?

I decided a while ago to go for it and get my suspension set up for my weight and riding style. I chose Race Tech. Got the heavier springs and gold valves, had them totally rebuild both forks and shock.

Haven't been able to ride the bike due to the white stuff still being on the ground here.

Just wanted to know what your experiences/opinions were and how much better the suspension works after such an expensive service.

Just ordered some Gold Valves and plan on working with my dealer to get them set up correctly. Will let you know how they work sometime next week! :)

Done mine myself last year. Best thing I've done to my bike. Now I don't bottom out anymore.


How difficult was it (if at all) to get them setup properly once you installed them?


I have used gold valves and delta valves plus their springs. I have found them to be very good. Take some time to turn the clickers to see if you can find the magic settings and enjoy.

Ogre I was happy with the settings that Race Tech gave me. I have adjusted the clickers a few clicks depending on the ride but that is it.

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