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2015 air fork problem

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So I searched through threads and couldn't find another problem like mine.

So I was working on the airfield on my 2015 crf450r and long story short, all the air was let out of my valve stem. In the manual it says to not go above or below the recommended PSI, but clearly, there is 0 PSI in the forks right now.


My questions is, can I simply add 35 PSI to the forks and have it be back to normal? It seems too simple to just add what was lost and be OKAY.


Just want to make sure I'm doing everything correct, it seems to straight forward.


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Hello,let me ask a question how much air do you think is in the fork when it is completely disassembled? I would venture to guess that it is nothing as the previous posted stated air it up.You are over thinking this,Cheers

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