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Anoter 2017 450 SXF tip/hydro clutch tip..

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Maybe most or all of you know this but maybe not many do and I spend a lot of time figuring out the best configuration certain things should be in and I don't mean for my own liking but for the way the bike likes to run. For example, we have hydro clutches, I have the KTM levers-the orange ones..you know how you can adjust the lever distance from the grip, well there were complaints about the 17 450 sxf being hard to click into neutral so I figured out how to get it to and the clutch feels better. On the adjuster on the clutch lever your going to want to screw that knob the direction that makes the lever further from the handle bar. Put the bike on a stand and start it up after you have done this, there should be close to a 1/8th of threads on that adjuster to the left of the adjust showing..anyways with the bike running and on A STAND WITH REAR TIRE OFF THE GROUND, put it in first gear and let it chill at idle speed for a couple seconds, you will notice how clutch disengages further from the handle bar but at the same time as the wheel is spinning and you pull in the clutch the rear tire almost comes to a stop which is good even though I know it will keep spinning no matter what it does almost come to a stop or a very slow spin, then go ahead and go to click it to neutral, it goes right in. Take it for a ride like the so the wheel is under load and same thing, bike goes into neutral very easily. Just thought I would share that.

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