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2002 520 EXC - New to me

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Hello all,

I am getting back into dirt riding after about 30 years of road riding.  I grew up on dirt but traded it in when I was legal and could get a street bike.  I had a few years of ATV - mostly mud, a couple years back.  My neighbor got a dirtbike and now about 5 in our neighborhood have gotten them.  

I found what seems like a good deal on a 2002 520.  She starts right up and so far other than the normal stuff, seems to be ok.   There is no hour meter so at this point its just starting the process of maintenance with the assumption that about everything is due to be checked.  I am happy to say, that for a 15 year old bike, this thing is pretty stout and crazy fun.  I will be taking it easy for quite a while until I get reacclimated to the dirt world.   

I also plan to do a lot of reading over the site to make sure I am as educated as possible about the bike and current state of the sport.  

KTM 520.png


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Still got my 01 520 EXC. Kinda my backup/dual purpose bike. 
It's a great bike to get back out on the dirt. I like to tinker in the garage so I don't mind a few repairs. It's a blast to ride for sure.

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