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Difficult to start, won't stay idle

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Bike didn't run properly until replaced reed valve and carb rebuilt. Took it out for a 5 hour ride and here's the overview. started the bike on first kick but won't stay idle. Ran extremely well, however once it dies, it's very difficult to start while engine is warm/hot. Finally got it to start and brought it back to camp. I decided to mess with the air screw to 1 1/2 turn. Started and ran fine for a few hours. Then it died out and wouldn't start at all. Tried pop starting downhill, nothing. Checked the plugs, burnt. Replaced plugs, started again and ran fine. Once died, nearly impossible to start again. Another thing I want to mention is that my radiator is in very bad shape so I will order a set for replacement. Can overheating the engine cause difficulty starting and idle? Hope I was descriptive, any answer will be helpful. Thanks!

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