I have a stupid question everyone. I am running a 14/51 combo on my 01 426F and I love the low end pull that that gives but I was wondering if there was combo that would give me the same pull but stretch the gears out a little more for just a little more pull??? Is that possible?? I mostly ride tracks and I love to use the low end of the bike but I want justa little more top on each gear. thanks

I think most of us are running the 13/49 combo and I works well for me. In fact, I can ride the whole track in second gear now that I switched. If you change the rear sprocket, I works out to 14/52 I think. I would leave your setup alone and twist it harder, you have a 12k redline man!!

I have the 49 in the front and the 13 in the back or do I have the rear brake in the front and front in the back

or letme see

is it

15 frnt 72 rear

7 front

No No I got it

13/49 third gear every were I go, cept up the ramp to the truck thats 4th wide open :)

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