Hey, long time rider, new to the forum...I came across a 1990 DR650 at a warehouse. The bike had 400 original miles on it. The owner couldn't get it to run, became frustrated with it and sold it to me. I took it home and serviced it, did the valves and built the carb and was riding it the next day. Starting this guy is a chore. I know the prime, kick and start drill but dang is this guy hard to start when its cold. Once it is warmed up it is 1 or 2 kicks. Any advice as to what I can do to help with cold starting??? The bike is bone stock. Has about 800 miles on it now.IMG_0346.thumb.jpg.2531a8605d388e702b8e8137d3310a17.jpg I am almost 60 and my knee will thank you!

in that nice of condition, you could sell it & buy an electric-start machine.

sorry, but i know nothing about these models

I agree, it's in great shape so sell it and buy one that has eStart.  There's a reason why all DR650's since the late 90's have electric start and no kicker.

Wow! What a nice find. Unfortunately, you're not going to get a 650cc motorcycle to kick 'easy'. If you enjoy riding it, sell it and get a 96 or newer like the others have said. You should get a fair amount for that gem. 

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