Brand new Boyesen FlexGrip for sale. $35.00. Still in package never used. This is waht Boyesen has to say about it,

"Lenhartsville, PA --- Most riders suffer arm pump, blisters and wrist injuries to their clutch arm more often than their throttle arm. The Boyesen Flex-Grip essentially is a suspension system for the left hand. It is adjustable as well with three different stiffness durameters allowing you to adjust and fine tune the "flex" to fit your riding style. The "flex" or movement is designed to reduce stress and fatigue to your left arm, wrist and hand. These kinds of stresses may keep you from performing your best all the way to the end. The Boyesen Flex-Grip comes complete with a set of genuine Renthal grips."

E-mail me @ whitcombj@usfspg.com if you are interested.


Heck, I ONLY get arm pump in my throttle arm!! LOL. Oh well.

Good deal though, I hear those things REALLY DO HELP!! People who have used em have been very happy with them.

Check your e-mail - I want them .

* * * THESE ARE NOW SOLD * * *

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