LOOKING TO BUY!! 98-01 YZ400 OR 426, $3,000-$4,000, any bikes out there?

Hey guys,

I got a buddy that is looking to buy a YZF. He is looking for a 426 or a 400 in really good shape. Bone stock or w/aftermarket accessories doesn't matter. Price wise he is looking to spend between $3 and $4,000. I know that a couple of you are looking in to getting the new 450f, so who wants to sell what they got. I will monitor this post over the next couple of days and see what is up. Thanks guys, Frank

Thanks John,

just got off the phone with my buddy and told him about it. He is trying to decide money wise whether or not he wants to spend the green for a brand new one or get a nice used one. But thanks anyway I will keep this one in mind. Keep the replies coming guys. Frank

i will sell my 2002 426f, it has less than 3 hours on it. It racetech suspension springs ( for about a 180 - 210 pound feller) different fluid in the suspension. It also has renthal bars. There is no dirt on this bike, better than new. over 6k in it. $5300

You are not showing so much love for your thumpers.....! Sell a YZ400F or YZ426F these days.......? That's insane ! The better bike out there even compared with the CR450 !

Never mind ! Mine will not be on sale for at least the next 2 or 3 years ! :)

Well thanks for the replies guys,

Looks like the best deal going is on the 2000 426's for 4k. I can go down to Mississippi and get a brand new 02' 426 for $5,199 out the door. I am trying to talk my buddy into going ahead and getting something. Anyways any more bikes out there under $4k for sale?? Let me know! Thanks, Frank :)

I have an '01 426. The last offer I got was 4000. Probably too far away for you anyhow. In Texas.

I placed an ad on the 26th of April: "'01 YZ426F for sale". I've had no replies, let alone offers. You should check it out.

Dave (530) 386-1327


If you wait around a bit I think Nyquist will sell you his even cheaper than he's posting it now.


I have a friend with a 2000 YZ426F that is bone stock an absolutely perfect. Seldom rides it, and only trail rides then. Probably 25 easy hours total. Stock graphics and never had any numbers on it. Located in Southeast Texas. Asking $4000.00 would probably take a little less if you are really serious. Interested? PM me for name and phone number. I doubt you'd find a nicer one.

I have a '99 YZ400F in your price range for sale

fastfrank, check your pm.


thanks for all the replies guys, My friend will be getting to work here in a few minutes and I will give him a call and let him know about all of your bikes. Keep the replies coming guys. I don't know if he is going to go with a new one or a used. The 99' 400 looks great as do the others that you have for sale guys. I will see what he has to say and get back with you. Thanks, Frank

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