Fuel 95 or higher?

I ride a 2003 WR450F, and the manual says to use 95 octane fuel or higher. Since premium pump fuel is only 92 octane I have been getting 100 from the airport. The bike runs great and clean, but am I wasting my money? I don't mind spending the extra dollar a gallon for rocket fuel if it is worthy, but I won't if there is no benefit. What does everyone else burn?

I burn premium pump gas with no problems. I have run regular pump gas a few times when nothing else was available to get me home (my WR is DS'ed) with no problems also. :)


The 95 octane rating is based on fuel rated using "Research Method". Pump gas is rated by averaging Research and another method (whose name escapes me)hence the lower number. Bottom line is 92 octane pump gas meets the bike requirements. I've run pump premium in all three of my 4xx's and have never heard any engine ping. Save some money.

Mix your 100 with 92 and you should get a good fuel octane rating. I am a firm believer that the higher octane is better for your bike. It runs cooler and will not ping or backfire on deceleration. I mix 111 and 92 at a 2 to 3 ratio for the 95-96 octane rating.

Yeah, my 426 did ping on 92 PON (Pump Octane Number=Research Octane Number+Motor Octane Number/2), now I can only get 91 PON at the pump, which is equivalent to recommended 95 RON. As soon as our winter ends, I will try 1/3 100 LL(low lead) aviation gas with 2/3 91, which will give me 94. Many have reported preference for 93 to 95 PON fuel in our high compression engines...thus avoiding destructive pre-ignition and overheating, while increasing grunt, response and smoothness of operation. Higher octane fuel burns slower and more efficiently, which may require a smaller main fuel jet.

the yammy engine is hi performance and is made for super octane. anything above 100, you will notice a difference. some good info here, also do a search on sunruhs posts for a previous discussion on this topic


Nobody did the good old octane experiments in college?

Once your octane is high enough to completely eliminate preignition, going higher is not going to give any advantage at all, that's just the way engines work.

Has anyone used leaded race fuel in the 03 or 04 WR450? Does it mess anything up?

Leaded race gas is O.K. :thumbsup: I mix 111 race with 92 pump to a 95-96 octane. No problems. Lead is a lubricant and it helps to retard the spark. All this is good. :devil:

Actually burning higher octane than you need decreases horsepower. Higher octane burns slower. You end up with inefficient combustion.

pump gas octane rating is the MIN you might be getting. most times it higher. 92 pump gas is fine. but i always run 94 pump gas. is 94 pump a Canadian thing only? :thumbsup:

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