FMF Ti4 good choice?

I am torn as to which pipe to buy for my 2002 YZ426F - Dr.D or FMF Titanium4 with titanium SX header/mid.

After reading all of the rave reviews about the Dr.D pipe here on TT I am tempted to lean that direction. However, I like the weight savings by going with FMF.

Does anyone know if the performance of the two pipes are similar? Is the weight savings by going with titanium outweight the Dr.D pipe?

i'm actually leaning towards the stainless WB e-series for my '01. I don't want to put out the cash for titanium, though the 4lbs it could save is huge. There is a titanium version of e-series available now with a turn-down style end cap. I'll probably go with the high-boy head pipe.

I ride 40% desert, 60% track.

Any other opinions on what pipe to go with for an '01 426??? Can anyone comment on the DSP that the factory team endorses?

I want a complete system and something affordable.

I just got the Dr.D about two months ago and I have to say it's a lot more crisp and snappier than the stock. It's supposed to save 3 lbs from stock. It isn't the TI but it's lighter. I can't really compare to your other choice but the Dr is a bad a#$ piece of hardware.

What's the noise level of these compared to stock?

Also any of you who have repacked the stock silencer, did it get noticeably quieter? I'm going on a year on the original packing and I don't remember the volume when it was new compared to now. Thanks!

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