Dualsporting 480rr

On 10/6/2017 at 8:01 PM, Nicolarr said:

How often do b u guys change engine oil and tranny oil. And what kind of oil do you use?

So far I've ended up changing oils around 20 hrs. I don't see the need for shorter and may spread it out a tad if need be for longer rides.

I've been running the Motul spec'd engine oil and testing different trans oils.

Currently I'm running Mobil 1 multi-vehicle full synthetic ATF in the trans. Shifting and clutch action is definitely better than with the Motul Trans expert. I might try some Amsoil Dirt Bike Trans oil but it's a pain to buy (online only) and I'm not sure about the SAE 80 weight for the draggy Beta clutch.


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