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On 10/6/2017 at 8:01 PM, Nicolarr said:

How often do b u guys change engine oil and tranny oil. And what kind of oil do you use?

So far I've ended up changing oils around 20 hrs. I don't see the need for shorter and may spread it out a tad if need be for longer rides.

I've been running the Motul spec'd engine oil and testing different trans oils.

Currently I'm running Mobil 1 multi-vehicle full synthetic ATF in the trans. Shifting and clutch action is definitely better than with the Motul Trans expert. I might try some Amsoil Dirt Bike Trans oil but it's a pain to buy (online only) and I'm not sure about the SAE 80 weight for the draggy Beta clutch.


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    • By HB3andC

      I've been waiting to have people compile a set a of dual sport tires that perform decent on the street and decent off-road. They Must be able to go to 100mph and fit a 3-1/4" x 21" and 4-1/2" x 18". Budget is not a factor for the list, but will be for the eventual buying.
    • By Cliner56
      Hey all,
      I am wondering if any of you have converted your RMX for road use and if it would even be a viable option to convert. I don't ride highways, and wouldn't expect the bike to travel on the highway, but with taller gearing and suspension adjustments could you get the RMX to be a true dual sport bike? I am interested in selling the DRZ as my riding has switched to more of an off road style, but I would miss riding my bike to work and such. (way better gas mileage than my truck) Let me know what you guys think, or if anyone has done a dual sport conversion. Cheers.
    • By OneEyedGimpyGuy
      Hey all! Long time reader, 1st time poster. I have a unique issue I can not solve..... I have searched this site and others like crazy.... No dice....
           I just recently picked up an '86 XL250R. Bike was in decent condition minus a mid RPM stutter while under load. (Didn't do it in neutral) Since I needed new tires anyway, I rebuilt the carbs in the downtime. This consisted of a complete teardown since they had a nice coat of varnish on the inside and outside from leaking bowl gaskets. The throttle valve/sleeve, main jet, pilot jet, air cut off valve, air mixture screw + spring, float + needle, and choke were completely removed on the primary carb. The secondary had the throttle valve, main jet, and float removed. The 2 carbs were separated and spent over 24 hours completely submerged in carb cleaner with intermittent use of the ultrasonic cleaner. Carbs were shaken during process to allow any bubbles to escape. Upon removal, they were sprayed out with carb cleaner followed by compressed air through all their passages. They were then rebuilt with the rebuild kit offered from Float heights were set at 16MM, air screw base setting at 1.5 turns out, and secondary carb left to start opening when the primary throttle is open about 1/3 of the way. Primary has a new 102 main and a 42 pilot. Secondary has a new 105 main jet. From what I have read off of Honda's parts website, those are the stock sizes and are also what I pulled off originally during the rebuild. 
           Now the issue.... The bike started ok but is showing all signs of a vacuum leak. Not operating with the choke, hanging idle, and will bog out and stall if I crack the throttle too quick. Dispite this, I took her around the block and now that mid rpm stutter is so bad I cant even power through it like I used to. The odd part, after 10 minutes of idle time after a fresh spark plug was put in, it is BLACK with soot. It also gets worse as it heats up. Below is what I attempted in the next billion carb removals with no luck.
      -New spark plug gapped to .65mm per instructions on the bikes side cover. Shows good spark when kicked over.
      -Valves adjusted according to bikes side cover (Intake: .005MM Exhaust: .008MM)
      -Checked for vacuum leaks with propane... No rise or decrease in rpm. 
      -Checked for vacuum leaks with starter fluid... No rise or decrease in RPM even when carbs are soaked in the stuff. (Fire extinguisher sitting next to me)
      -Cleaned and oiled air filter
      -Tried running without air filter installed
      -Recleaned carbs 2 more times.
      -Reinstalled original jets and needles
      -Applied high temp grease to intake boots to minimize possible vacuum leaks I may have missed (How could I when I soaked the damn things!)
      -Compared my carbs to pics online to see if there was an issue with anything I installed or if a press fit ball fell out.... All searches looked identical to mine.
      -during the quick throttle opening, I sprayed starting fluid into the airbox with the filter removed. No bogging occured ruling out a rich bog. Now I know its leaning out. (But why the sooty spark plug!)
      -Disabled the air cutoff valve by placing making a small rubber gasket that replaced the o-ring that goes between the cover and the vacuum side of the carb. (Thus making the valve closed at all times.) No change in how it is running.... 
      -Messed with the air screw a billion times.... No change unless it is less than 1.5 turns out, or completely removed. Then it just dies.
      -Any choke at all, dies.
      -Raised needle height with shims. No change
      -Disconnected the secondary carb so the throttle valve would not open. No change so I know its the primary thats messed up.
           As you can tell, I have tried every to my knowledge to get her going. What drives me more crazy is that she ran ok for the most part prior to the rebuild. Had enough power to lift the front with ease. Do any of you know these things well enough to help me out? Is there something I am missing??? Thanks!!!
    • By 5up
      I apologize if I'm just beating a dead horse. This question was probably asked a million times and I already read through multiple threads but I'm still a little unsure. Please help me decide which is a better bike for me. Maybe someone already went through similar dilemmas, skill development progressions and can relate.
      I'm new to motorcycles in general. I've been riding mountain bikes and would like to expand into dual sport.  36 y.o., 5'11', 175lbs, relatively fit Plan to ride single tracks, fire roads in the Rockies, probably up to a moderate level when I feel I'm ready. Would love to do some easier Moab trails to start. I like to get out of my comfort zone to challenge myself time from time. Commuting on local roads. Occasionaly cruise at 65mph to get to trails. Will be avoiding major highways for the most part. I've tested CRF250L ABS, WR250 and DRZ400S on pavement only, all 2017. My initial thoughts: CRF250L was the easiest to handle, very friendly throttle, clutch and transmission. WRR was in the middle, being slightly more aggressive. DRZ felt least nimble but with strong, easy to manage power. I could flatfoot CRF with a slight bend in my knees. The other two I can flatfoot in boots. All of these seemed like great bikes. However, I haven't ridden them in dirt and I'm not sure if I'll grow out of CRF too quickly with its soft suspension and least amount of power or WRR and DRZ will be too much for my skill level at this point.  Thank you!