On/Off switch and YZ number plate

I used the search mode but did not find much info on where to relocate the On/Off switch to. The plate fits fine with a little modification but I am not sure where to put the switch. Thanks :)

I modified the braket and put the on/off switch on my acerbis hand gaurd mount.

I drilled and tapped a hole in the hand guard mount , and bolted my swtch on there!

I straightened out the angle in the braket on my vice, drilled a new hole in it and ground off the excess metal.

Make sure you position it so roost or looping out won't wreck your switch!

The switch braket is available as a separate piece from Yamaha, if you ever decide to go back to stock. :)

I just used the bracket it is mounted on, and mounted it on one of the rear handle bar bolts.

Thanks, that worked pretty well. I had to file the bracket a bit but it looks good and is out of the way. Once the bar pad was on it almost looks like it could be stock. :)

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