DR350SEX fork oil change

It's about time I changed the fork oil on the old Suzuki as far as I know it could be 18 years old. I have the Suzuki manual which gives 2 different amounts for the amount of oil 10 weight required? The figures given are 494ml or 569ml with an air gap of 145mm. Any advice from previous DR owners gratefully received (Richard).



the manual does walk you around in circles.

the best i could tell was this: with springs out & tube fully compressed, oil level is 144mm

You mean air gap of 144mm don't you?


i suppose yes. the level of the oil to top of fork

Thanks, that's what the manual says give or take a mm.


Funnily enough just doing my current DR, and it was pretty horrible what came out!

Don't worry too much about the quantities mentioned as forks usually "hide" a small amount of oil unless you strip them right down.

Its about 550ml but as mentioned the air gap is the important thing, springs out forks compressed.

-Steve (UK)



Did the DR350 fork oil change this weekend no problems. In fact the oil was really clean so it must have been changed not long before I put my 2000 miles on the clock. I mananged to get a Suzuki workshop manual and discovered that the UK model E2 model has longer forks which requires 569ml per fork leg and an air gap of 152mm. The air gap as found was 165mm so whoever had done an oil change before probably only bought 1 litre of oil!

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