Advice on 300rr vs Trainer

That’s for sure. Can’t wait to get the bike !

Rodney is a good dude. I pulled the threads out of my XT shock following the manuals specs. I called the dealer I bought the bike from and pretty much got a "that sucks". I called Beaver Creek and talked to Rodney about what happened. I sent him pictures and a detailed report of what and how it happened. This was on a Friday. On Monday he emailed me back and said Beta would repair it free of charge. I had already helicoiled it. I thanked him for all his help and said it was handled. You bought a bike from my experience and all accounts a great dealer. Places like that are few and far between these days.

Check was overnighted. Let’s get this baby home!

Arrive just in time for snow! Don’t risk broken plastics and bones, wait for spring,,,,, May June-ish. 

Yeah I know lol I just wanted to get it home with that deal, guy I work with already discussed going south in March to West Virginia (Hatfield McCoy’s) so I’ll see, I’m just pumped to have the bike haha

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